For bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts of all kinds, it is important to get vital proteins in Canada. Without vital proteins, you run the risk of not getting the best gains out of your training sessions. Muscles will not form or repair properly without this important nutrient.

Increases muscle mass and strength

Athletes who train hard and develop lots of muscle ingest a lot of protein. You can only get so much through foods like meat, eggs, dairy, and beans before you are too full to keep eating. When you need that extra protein, supplements and powders will help you to reach those higher levels of protein you need to develop muscle mass and strength.

Good for your bones

There is a lot of talk in the skin and bone business about collagen being good for both those things. The reason? It is good for your skin and bones. Collagen protein powder has been proven in many studies to be effective in supporting strong and healthy bones. As athletes, this is an amazing perk. The combination of protein to support your muscle mass and strength in addition to adding bone mass and density is unparalleled by other supplements or foods.

Reduces appetite and hunger levels

Think about the last time you ate a big juicy steak. Good, right? Now think about the last time you ate a big green salad. Half an hour after eating a salad you are likely going to be hungry again. While leafy greens are essential for getting vitamins and minerals and supporting a healthy digestive and immune system, the lack of protein fails to fill you up. A steak, however, is filling for the next few hours thanks to its high protein content. The same applies to protein supplements. A scoop of protein will help reduce your hunger level.

Lowers your blood pressure

In many studies, the consumption of protein, in all different forms, has proven to aid in lowering blood pressure. This is particularly true of some forms of protein over others. A bean protein for example will help to lower your blood pressure better than a red meat protein. Supplements work in the area between the two – a happy medium so to speak that has shown to improve blood pressure by lowering it.

Helps maintain weight loss

Proteins, unlike carbs, do not hold water and do not contribute to weight gain. Instead, proteins have been found in many studies to help promote weight loss. Take for example one of the many fad diets over the last years. Something like Keto, where you don’t consume carbs, allows you to lose weight with minimal effort or exercise. Protein-heavy diets have proven time and time again to aid in promoting weight loss. When you substitute supplements for your protein instead of large amounts of food to make up the same amount, it works even better.

Fuels energy and carries oxygen through the blood

Last but not least, protein is amazing for fuelling energy in the body and carrying oxygen through the blood. Without protein, this critical process cannot be carried out in human beings. With all these perks, vital protein collagen powder shows great benefits to athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts of all kinds.

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